How To Choose Best Mattress..


The filling of our mattress decides about its softness, resilience and thus comfort of use. While choosing a proper mattress we should also suggest some basic factors such as weight, height or health condition.


Medium-firm mattresses belong to one of the most popular groups among users. The feature that distinguishes mattresses of this type is a combination of buoyancy and elasticity. Medium – firm mattresses are marked with symbol H3 and are intended for people with weight range 60 – 100kg. Medium-firm mattresses are considered to be one of the best suited for people who like to sleep on their side. During prolonged sleep in this position, our hips and shoulders are exposed to excessive pressure. For this reason, in order to minimize this problem as much as possible, we recommend relatively soft fillings, which will also provide support for the rest of the body. Thermoelastic foams which under the influence of heat shape their structure to the individual needs of our figure are very common fillings of medium-hard mattresses. An example of such mattress in our offer is a Verte model. A mattress made entirely of foams is a combination of 4 layers adjusted in such a way that together they create an ideal composition responsible for comfort of use and optimal support of our spine.

An alternative to the Verte model is the Azure mattress, which consists of layers of latex, foam and pocket springs. A great advantage of the mattress is the type of springs used in it. In pocket mattresses, Each of the springs is wrapped in a separate bag, which makes them work separately on the surface of the entire mattress. This solution is great for two person mattresses and is a great advantage for people who have a tendency to turn on the bed during sleep.

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